Effective Listening

Course Description
Effective Listening™ explores the role that listening plays in pharma and medical device sales situations. It examines the barriers that can block listening and offers techniques that can help pharma and med device salespeople overcome those barriers and become more effective listeners.

Course Objectives           Listening
Learners will be able to:
Differentiate between hearing and listening
Identify the barriers to effective listening
Define active listening
Recognize the benefits of effective listening
Utilize active listening techniques

Delivery Options
• 4 hour classroom delivery (train-the-trainer)
• eLearning (works on: iPads, tablets, as well as on desktop and laptop computers)
• Virtual classroom delivery

Course Features
Engaging graphics
Interactive exercises
Professional audio
A multiple-choice Knowledge Check
A Manager’s Toolkit (with “in-field” exercises) for reinforcement and sustainability.

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